Unity Basics — Scene Navigation

Cliff Bailey
May 31, 2022


Scene Window

This is the Scene Gizmo.

You can manipulate the camera’s perspective along the x, y, and z axes by clicking on the corresponding cone.

Below that, when clicking on “Persp”, you can change the camera view from perspective to orthographic.


To look around, hold down a right+click on your mouse.

Your cursor will turn to this:

Then drag and you can do this:

In 3D space, you can move through the scene like in an FPS game, using either the arrow keys, or WASD — WASD is better.

But first you need to right+click and hold in the scene window, then use WASD, and press and hold shift to speed up.


Have fun with that — practice around a bit, get comfy, and next time we’ll get into game object manipulation!



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